Federico Bernardi

Web Mountaineering Miner.Storyteller.Fact-checker



I’m an IT analyst, designer and systems engineer by profession, a musician for inner necessity, a researcher with inexhaustible curiosity and a natural communicator.

I have a visceral passion for everything related with Mountaineering Histories and Tales, Alpinism of all sorts, and with the characters belongings to this world.

I inherited it from my grandfather Alfonso Bernardi (1914-2010), mountaineer, sociologist, writer and journalist, former editorial director of “Le mie montagne” for Zanichelli and scientific advisor in the expedition of 1976 on Dhaulagiri with Guides “Eagles of Trentino ” ; former jury consultant and director of the Trento Film Festival, President of the CAI sez. “Mario Fantin” in Bologna.

I am a dreamer but I feel the need to check maniacally the stories that are told in books or on the Web – not just looking for contradictions or confirmations to mountaineering reports but to try and prospects “slanting” eyes in the mountain enterprises in underlying motivations and passions that move women and men in the exploration of the valleys, glaciers and walls.

Over the years I have patiently and painstakingly woven a web of knowledge with people linked to this world, journalists, writers, lovers, researchers and mountaineers.

This site is an attempt to aggregate knowledge, until now scattered over social media and therefore of nature “instant”, in a place and a defined space, which over time can become a common point of discussion and meeting for all fans and specialists.