Sherpa Gate is a portal that collects and disseminates the information produced by partner sites, sites that deal with sports, information, culture, activities relating to the mountains and the environment.

Sherpa’s purpose is to encourage the dissemination and free exchange of ideas and opinions.

The individual partner sites share the belief that the natural environment in general, and the mountain environment in particular, must be protected and preserved as a matter of priority; however, they undertake to encourage free discussion and the open exchange of views on the aforementioned issues, in a perspective not of unilateral propaganda, but of forming a broad, competent and participatory public opinion. Plurality has a unifying and formative role, and is the reason for Sherpa’s strong identity.

With this in mind, it is essential that in the future other subjects, inspired by the same principles and purposes, can join Sherpa.

Sherpa has in its future prospects the opening of its own sections in order to “cover” the most diverse types of information and interactivity with the world of the mountains and the environment.

Conceived and founded by Alessandro Gogna.

MontagnaMagica is one of the sites that enthusiastically joined the project.